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March 16th to 23rd - 2024


Join us in this unique opportunity where, for the first time, the leaders and musicians of the Brazilian Ayahuasca Center, “Tribo Mãe D’Agua”, will hold a seven-day Retreat on the tropical coast of Costa Rica!


We will deliver an integrative and pleasurable program that will speak to your entire being, body and soul. A journey with three ceremonies, where you can explore the depths of your inner self in a safe environment, guided by experienced people who have been doing this work for over 20 years.



In the experiences between ceremonies, we will bring a strong focus on music, practice the songs that will be sung in ceremonies, and offer singing experiences that will help you connect with your voice, tune in to your body and learn techniques that will support your vocal expression.


Our bodies are living instruments with a beating heart, and when we sing as a form of prayer, this devotional practice can be an extremely rewarding and expansive experience, connecting us with something greater.


The Sacred Medicines, in addition to bringing light and healing to what previously remained hidden, are also an incredible tool for opening and releasing the voice, and during the retreat we want to encourage everyone to connect with this potential to open the voice and sing together.




Mãe D'água Tribe is a plant medicine movement inspired by dear Madrinha Yatra.


The Mãe D'água Temple is located in Alto Paraíso, in the heart of Brazil, in the national park of Chapada dos Veadeiros, surrounded by wild Savannah and magnificent waterfalls.

Tribo Mãe D’água’s members have been walking together the medicine path since 1996, and they are the hosts and organizers of the Condor Eagle Sacred Medicine Festival that happens in Alto Paraíso since 2011, bringing together medicine man and woman from different corners of the Americas to share their medicines and wisdom.

Through the years they have been learning so much from all the medicine people that have touched them, and with the plant medicines themselves, those benevolent spirits that show us the way to heal ourselves by allowing us to recognize ourselves as an essential part of nature.


In ceremonies, blessed with pure light, the divine expresses itself through music, as a way of praying and giving thanks.

Most of the hymns sung in the ceremonies are channeled by members of the tribe.

Their songs are authentic prayers that lead us to the contemplation of the inner self, in an environment where love, healing, gratitude, joy, abundance and celebration happen naturally, allowing the divine within each one to manifest.



The singing experiences during the retreat will be an opportunity to get to know the body as an instrument.


We will experiment with activations of the different mechanisms we use to sing: relaxation, muscle activations, breathing, resonance, articulation, emission, in a place where we recognize we are not a static instrument, we are a living instrument, with stories, emotions, feelings and a soul, and all of this comes into the equation when we use our voice to sing.


The idea is to connect with our voice and offer it as this unique medicine that each person carries within themselves.


Singing is medicine, we heal ourselves when we sing. And when we sing together with a clear intention, we have the power to heal our surroundings and our community.


Through his commitment to the SunDance ritual, Ninad received the Hikuri altar and the blessings to guide Sacred Sweat lodges /Temaskal. 

And as part of our journey during the retreat, we will also sweat and share the Hikuri path together.


Ambika will be sharing body practices during the retreat, she has been studying, practicing and teaching different styles of Yoga and Pilates for the last 25 years, and has developed a practice that is gentle and deep, and helps people connect with their body and breath in a healthy way. These practices will be very useful to integrate all experiences. The practices in themselves are a form of meditation, as we focus on being very present in each of the movements, coordinating them with the breath, and at the end of each practice we focus our attention on the beauty of being aware of the present moment in silent meditation.




* Temaskal / Sweat Lodge *

* Ceremonies with medicine from the forest *

* Hikuri Ceremony *

* Singing activation sessions with Raghini e Ambika *

* Singing Circles *

* Dance Meditation *

* Yoga & Pilates sessions *

* Sharing and Integration circles *

* Visit to paradisiacal beaches *

* Offerings to the sea *

Feeling consciously present in the body is very important when we do spiritual work with sacred plants, which is why we offer body practices, excursions to beautiful beaches to connect with the beauties of Pachamama, sacred saunas (Temazcal), meditative dance, devotional singing, all with the aim of opening and preparing your body for the exploration and integration of your inner journey through these medicines.

And sharing your experiences in a safe environment will help further integrate your experience.

We will also share with you a beautiful Afro-Brazilian ritual, a moment to offer our gratitude to the love and immensity of the queen of the sea waters, patron saint of our Tribe, Iemanjá, and sing some songs in her honor.

Our tribe embraces all sacred medicines, for us the prophecy of the condor and the eagle is a reality. We love everything that comes from nature that helps us realize the beauty of our own being and connect with those around us. In the end, we are all one family, a beautiful tribe that spans the entire globe. And we invite you to this celebration of life with us and for all our relations!


March 16th

  • 4 pm - Arrival

  • 8 pm - Welcome circle

  • 7 pm - Dinner

  • 8 pm - Singing Circle

March 17th

  • 7 am - Pilates / Yoga

  • 8:30 am - Breakfast

  • 10 am - Free time

  • 1:30 pm - Lunch

  • 4 pm - Voice activation session

  • 6 pm - Preparing the altar

  • 7:30 pm - Dinner 

  • 10 pm - Ceremony with Forest Medicine

March 18

  • 8 am - Breakfast

  • 9 am - Offering to the sea

  • 1:30 pm - Lunch

  • 3 pm - Sharing / voice activation session and singing circle

  • 6 pm - Visit to Ostional beach (sunset & turtle watching)

  • 8:30 pm - Dinner


Mantric Mambo is Tribo Mãe D'água's musical project.

Their members lead the ceremonies at the Mãe D'água Temple, and the teachings of the sacred medicines and their profound connection with the cycles of nature have deeply inspired their musicality.

They are very connected to music in its diversity, rooted in Afro and Latin American rhythms and folkloric and gypsy grooves. They bring on joyful melodies that are uplifting, transmitting with their lyrics a message of beauty, hope, and faith.

The band was born spontaneously, from the simple joy and love for music and the sacred medicines. Their mission is to bring people together in healing ceremonies in a celebrative way.

Mantric Mambo's music guides people in their journey within, working as portals for accessing expansion of consciousness, assisting them to tap into the dance of life.

Mantric Mambo's music is available on all digital platforms.


Rayos Del Sol is an intentional community centered on wellness and healing through nature.
It is located 10km north of Nosara in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, one of the world’s 5 blue zones.

They offer spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with hotel amenities, air conditioning, private bathrooms, as well as a ceremonial place and a Temaskal site, all with stunning ocean views.
The common areas and homes are WiFi-enabled with high-speed fiber optic connection and includes a restaurant, bar and lounge, meeting areas, pristine pool, and sunset viewing deck.
Meals are offered daily with breakfast, lunch, and dinner


Accommodation, meals and program are all included.  It does not include air fares or any kind of transportation.

  • Dormitory (4 beds) U$2450 per person 

  • Shared double room U$2700 per person 

  • Private single room U$4000 per person 

  • Private couple U$5800 for two persons 


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