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Mantric Mambo is a band that has grown together for over 20 years. Their members lead the ceremonies at the Mãe D’água Temple. The teachings of the sacred medicines and their profound connection with the cycles of nature have deeply inspired their musicality.

They are very connected to music in its diversity, rooted in Afro and Latin American rhythms and folkloric and gypsy grooves. They bring on joyful melodies that are uplifting, transmitting with their lyrics a message of beauty, hope, and faith.

The band was born spontaneously, from the simple joy and love for music and the sacred medicines. Their mission is to bring people together in ceremonies in a celebrative way.

Mantric Mambo’s music guides people in their journey within, working as portals for accessing expansion of consciousness, assisting them to tap into the dance of life.

The band today consists of the following Members:

     Ambika: vocalist and composer.

     Raghini: vocalist, composer and flutist.

     Pablo: composer, guitar, viola caipira, and electric guitar.

     Ninad: composer, music producer, acoustic guitar, charango, guitar and electric bass.

     Ion: sampoña and percussion.

     Samir: percussion.

Members of Mantric Mambo


In 2001, Mantric Mambo recorded the first two albums with visionary songs from our Godmother Yatra. Until then, the medicine songs played by the band were composed only by Yatra.

From then on, inspired by the dimensions of Ayahuasca, the Sacred Medicines, and the various spiritual works, the band started improving with each session. All band members started composing their medicine music.

The Ayahuasca brought to light this kind of musicality within each one’s heart and has been a blessing for everyone, providing plenty of creativity and music.

Cantos da Jurema
Roda da Vida
Cabocla Land
Melodias Cristalinas
Mãe d'Água

This video clip and song was a collaborative process between many friends and artists, both in the composition of the song written by Ninad, Raghini, Ion and Kuauhtli, and in the making of the video, with João Amorim's team, with the special participation of dancers AmberJoy and Luchi, and the beloved Tribo Mãe D'água.


The video was a collective and spontaneous inspiration, where everyone put a little bit of themselves into a sole day of recording, where we had a single morning without rain amidst the torrential rains of December in the Chapada. A magical day, which we are very happy to share.


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