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Having her family as an artistic reference, her relationship of love and curiosity with music begins in childhood.

At age 9, fascinated by listening to the recording of an instrumental trio, she decided to study flute. At 11 years old, she enrolled on a test to enter the Training School for Music Teachers in her hometown, Mar Del Plata. She graduated seven years later, specializing in transverse flute.

After working for two years as a teacher, she arrived in Brazil driven by the desire to know more.

In the company of musician friends of different nationalities, she learns and develops the profession of vocalist and has been following this path of melodies, communication, and healing for over 25 years.

Currently, she sings, prays, and plays at the Mãe D’água Temple. She has been actively participating in the center since she arrived in Chapada dos Veadeiros, where she has lived since the year 2000.

She has been working with her fellow countryman, Ninad, a music producer. They have joined for many years in a musical partnership, where they carry out projects that combine electronic and organic sounds, dance, and the awakening of conscience.

Her participation in the band Mantric Mambo has taken Raghini to the perfect meeting between music and spirituality, the teacher and the apprentice.

Her emotional voice, musical compositions, poetry, and devotion continue to spread throughout the world.



Brazilian, lives in Chapada dos Veadeiros for 26 years. She is a vocalist and songwriter.

Ambika has a deep connection with the medicine plants and prayer. Her songs are prayers, a way to communicate with the sacred, realizations, and teachings received along her journey.

She is a voice coach with a background in vocal pedagogy and physiology, and an eternal student and researcher in voice sciences. She sees singing as a healing channel of expression that allows us to connect with the harmonious vibrations of creation and to open inner spaces to access the soul’s frequencies.

In recent years, she has dedicated her time to sharing this knowledge in singing classes and workshops in a methodology that she envisioned called Voice Mandala, helping others experience the healing power of singing.

Ambika has a strong call to bring people together with a common purpose. She has led the organization of various dance, music, and sacred medicine festivals.

She is also a Yoga and Pilates teacher and a lifelong student of movement anatomy, biomechanics, and health at all levels.



Composer and music producer, he plays guitar, charango, and bass.
He comes from a family with strong connections to the regional music of his homeland, the Pampas Argentinas.

After playing in some bands, he traveled through South America, where he came into contact with sacred medicines, spirituality, the native cosmovision, and the deep roots of the popular music on the continent.

In Brazil, in the second half of the 90s, he studied the music of Bahia. He deepened in South American rhythms while connecting with electronic music, merging these influences.

Since 2000, he has been part of the Templo Mae D’água band, participating in the creation of this unique style that characterizes Mantric Mambo.

He works professionally as an electronic music producer, being one of the pioneers of this style in Brazil.

In his studio in Alto Paraiso de Goiás he has produced all Mantric Mambo albums, as well as albums by other artists. Such as the emblematic “Transformando a Tradição”, by the Huni Kuin pajé and singer, “Ninawa Pai da Mata”.


He currently participates in the “Danza del Sol” in Karal (Peru). As part of his commitment to the rescue and preservation of ancient traditions of pre-Columbian sacred knowledge.



Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Brazil.

Thirty years ago, he chose the Chapada dos Veadeiros as his home. He plays the guitar, viola caipira, and electric guitar. Has the mission to be the guardian of the Sacred Medicine of the Mãe D’água Temple.

Very connected with the plant kingdom and their cycles from an early age. Connoisseur of the fauna and flora of the Chapada dos Veadeiros and other places around the world where he has lived.

He has a strong connection with animals, especially with horses, living his day-to-day with the art of communicating with the subtle wisdom of these beings.

His connection with nature and animals inspire his musical compositions.

Pablo started his studies with acoustic and electric guitar from a young age and has participated in some bands, but has recognized himself with the musicality of Mantric Mambo. Meanwhile, he started his studies with the “viola Caipira” and has developed his unique style.

He fuses regional folkloric styles from different cultures with an intuitive way of playing that represents the essence of his compositions.



Brazilian and has lived in Olinda for over ten years. In Olinda, he began his studies with wind and percussion instruments with great masters of popular music from Pernambuco. He has been living in Alto Paraíso for 30 years.

He participated in the musical group “Inti” between 1994 and 1999. During that time, he carried out an in-depth study of Andean Music and traditional wind instruments (such as Zampoña and Quena).

Ion has been a member of Mantric Mambo for over 15 years. He brings with the Zampoña, the Andean atmosphere into the musical arrangements. In addition to the rhythms played in the Djembé and Berimbau.

He works as a local guide, an entrepreneur in the eco-tourism field, and a photographer.

For over 20 years has been registering the Chapada dos Veadeiros through his lens. He has quite a collection of images of the region, including natural and cultural aspects. Ion participates in the training of Guides and Ecotourism Agents in the Chapada.

He develops social inclusion work with traditional Quilombola (Kalunga) and Indigenous (Kaxinawa) communities.






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